RMEO Flagship Store

Fashion Retail


Hangzhou, China The original concept of RMEO's interior design is initiated by the CEO's RMEO

meticulous mind - "Romance is like an apple wrapped by layers of foam nets."  Romance is meant to be protected, respected, and delicately treated.  Traditionally, flower represents romance.   It could be presented as a vow to a lover, care to a friend, or it could be used for spreading gentle and warm vibes.

The fundamental of this design is originated from the characteristics of flowers - repetitiveness, defensiveness, multiple layers and shapes in structures.  Designers infuse romance of flowers into a 3 dimensional space. 
The whole design concept started with the most attractive element of a flower, PETAL. Our designers use their exclusive vision to rebuild and reform the floral petal structures systematically and proportionately.    Through wall cropping techniques, a spacious shopping area is constituted with aisles, columns and displaying units. This design allures customers strolling through the petals and exploring the area.

Last but not least, designers transformed fitting rooms into flower buds formation to enhance the feeling of being loved and cared.  It also brings a memorable shopping experience to customers.

One of the site constraints is to imply the ceiling feature to the basement, of which it has a specifically low ceiling height.

The facade is made of a patterned metal plate. The 2-dimensional floral motifs are presented in a 3 dimensional way by flipping the metal sheet inward and outward.  This technique is simple but effective. It enhances overall impression by a set of recessed light source behind the facade at night time.